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This free app allows you to get fast hotfixes, support and news for Kibcode apps. Installation:


Moderator Tools

This app can allow specific usergroups like staff or moderators to ban users from their profile. Admins can choose how the ban process works. There are different options like just …


Premium Video

This app allows users to request their videos as premium videos. If the video is approved as premium, it can only be viewed by usergroups who have access to premium …


Crypto Donation

With this app, you can show your users that your site is a progressive network that embraces current technologies. The app allows users to make donations to the site owner. …


Live Stream

New in version 1.1.2: The app allows self hosted live streaming for your site. Users can go live in the browser by using their webcam or the OBS/Streamyard software. When …


Cookie Pro

In order to use your website within the EU or simply to be transparent and enable the user to make a decision you need a cookie consent solution. This app …


Discord Webhooks

With this app you can post content from your website directly to your discord server. Discord is one of the best free software for text and voice chats and with …


Business Profile

With this app users can add business information to their profiles. All users with businesses are also listed on the business profiles browse page and in the map. The map …


Coins System

This app allows users to send coins to other users. The system works with its own e-money coins. Admins can set different coin packages and users can buy them to …