In order to use your website within the EU or simply to be transparent and enable the user to make a decision you need a cookie consent solution.

This app allows your users to decide whether to allow functional and tracking cookies.

Functional cookies (i.e. for video embedding or link sharing) can come from Youtube, Google, Facebook, Vimeo and more. The script also uses Addthis. If you enable Recaptcha the user needs to allow tracking cookies.

Cookie Pro solves these issues by showing a modal window on first site visit that includes information about the cookies and some sliders to enable/disable categories of cookies. If the user does not enable functional or tracking cookies the scripts are blocked on the site and the app shows a link to the cookie consent on the corresponding item. Users can also open the consent modal again by clicking the link in their user menu.

Cookie Pro blocks third party scripts coming with the core modules like google maps, addthis, youtube and facebook. If you have special scripts that do not belong to the core just message me for custom integrations.

The app allows the integration of google analytics and will block the script if the user does not allow tracking cookies.