This app can allow specific usergroups like staff or moderators to ban users from their profile.

Admins can choose how the ban process works. There are different options like just ban for review, ban with comments deleted and ban with all feed items deleted. Moderators can add a reason and a link if they want.

There is a setting to autohide comments of the banned users and show them as pending comments for review.

Admins can also enable a feature to show a red icon on every comment wich allows to hide that specific comment for review.

The manage banned page allows admins to unban, edit user, delete all comments, delete all feed items and keep the user banned. then they will be removed from the review list. The list also shows who banned the user (moderator name) and the reason and link.

On the maintenance page you can delete all banned users of your site with one button.

Use this app to keep your site clean. Since this is a serious issue on our sites more features will follow with the next updates.