With this app you can post content from your website directly to your discord server. Discord is one of the best free software for text and voice chats and with this app you can integrate it into your social network. At the moment the app supports new blogs, new photos and forum threads. More modules will be integrated with free future updates.

The app also supports notifications about reports on your site. From now on it is easy to get informed about reports at every time and process them via a direct link to the reported item and the reports page in your admincp. When a report is processed or ignored the app also sends a notification to your specific discord reports channel.

There is also a sendhook feature for integration of third-party apps. All Scheinwelt-Media Apps for content creation will get an option to use the discord_webhooks sendhook within the next updates.

All features can be enabled/disabled in the app settings. E.g. if you only want to post new blogs you can disable all other content for discord.


Post content from your website directly to your discord server
Post have a direct link to the content on your website
Preview images
Preview text
Link to the authors profile
Optional report management features
Sendhook feature for third-party integrations
Add mentions like @everyone or @here