This app adds blocks to your site that are showing users of specific usergroups. You can use this e.g. to show your team or to show all premium users. The usergroup name shows up under the users entry. Just select all usergroups you want to show and set a limit. Activate a “View All”- Link that sends the user to a page with all users of the selected groups listed. Add as much blocks as you liek and rename the title to whatever you want to fit your requirements.

This app makes your site more serious.

Select usergroups for blocks
Shows the users usergroup name under the image
Enable/Disable “View All”-Link
Set limit for users in the blocks
Page to show all users of the selected usergroups
Select sorting of the entries (Last Login, Last Activity, UserID, UsergroupID, Name)
Select sort order (Ascending, Descending)

To show the usergroups and icons on the users profile like on the demo please check out my Profile Icon app here: