This app allows admin to verify users by document uploads. Admins can enable a verification request block and/or user menu item where users can upload files for verification.

In admincp you will get a notification about pending verification requests. On the manage page you can check the uploaded documents and delete them (important for General Data Protection Regulation “GDPR”). You can also change the user settings and user group from the manage page. Admins or staff with the permission can change the verification status on the manage page, admincp browse members section or on the users profile dropdown menu.

When the user is verified the apps shows an icon at the users name in the profile header and on the users name sidewide. The user will also get a notification about his verification status.

The settings allow to control if users should be allowed to only upload a single or multiple documents. If it is set to single the request block will not longer show up after the first upload.

Optional verification request block
Optional verification request user menu
Advanced managing features
Cache support for better performance
Optional restriction to one single file
Usergroup settings for blocks, menu and permission to approve
Admin notification about new verification requests
Nice and clean look
Uploaded documents are stored with random filenames for more security
Users can manage their uploaded documents