This app integrates Machine Learning into your site. It uses Googles Cloud Vision to classify the content of uploaded images.

With Cloud Vision you can check uploaded photos for adult content. If a user uploads an image with adult content that cloud vision can detect it will be set to “Mature Content”. Admins have different options for image classification like: Adult, Violence, Racy & all together.

The app also has integrated hashtag detection. With this option enabled the app will automatically add hashtags to the description of the uploaded image. Hashtags can be generated from labels and web entities.

If you use my User Verification app in combination you can set an option to allow only verified members to see adult images.

You can also disable the adult detection and use the hashtag feature alone.


Machine Learning to classify images
Automatic adult, violence, racy detection
Automatic hashtag detection
Enable Mature Content Strict-Mode
Works together with Scheinwelt-Media User Verification app
Support for bundled scripts