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App Version


phpFox Version (tested with)

4.8.0 – Latest


The app allows self hosted live streaming for your site. Users can go live in the browser by using their webcam or the OBS/Streamyard software. When they go live with the webcam they can also share their screen or share their screen with a small webcam video at the top right.

A block above the feed shows all users that are currently live. By clicking on the user image you will be redirected to the user profile where you can see the stream. The stream overview page shows all currently running live streams.

When a live stream is started a realtime chat room is created under the video.

The app works together with Ant Media Server. The community edition of AMS is free and can be installed on your own streaming server. There is no third party service needed. You only need a linux server and install AMS on it.

You can monetize the app by setting up user group permissions for streaming and watching.