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4.5.0 – 4.8.5


With this app users are able to upload images and add emojis and animated stickers to their comments. The app removes the default comments app icons and functions. It comes with ready to use emojis and stickers but you can also add/upload new items and delete/sort/activate/deactivate them within your admincp. Stickers can be animated gif, png, jpg and jpeg.

The built in usergroup settings allow you to choose what kind of tools a group can use. With this feature you can monetize your site by giving only premium users access to all of the three buttons. You can also set specific emojis and stickers as premium.

Give your users some new powerful tools to interact on your site… they will love it!


Image upload in comments
Add Emojis to comment
Post stickers as comments
Image preview on upload
Image upload animation
Upload and manage stickers and emojis in admincp
Support for animated stickers
Manage comment images in admincp
Usergroup settings for each item/button
Set specific emojis and stickers as premium
Resize uploaded images to save webspace
Set max filesize for uploading images per usergroup
Maintenance function to clear orphaned images
Migration tool for better comment image
Automatic migration from Comment Image Advanced
Cache system for less database queries and better performance
Support for bundled scripts